Brightwoods Goes Online (A Primer for Online Learning)

A historic school year is coming up. 

We now welcome a big shift on our children's schooling and education.

We are excited to usher you to SY 2020 - 2021... one that is none like other!

Here's a comprehensive guide on how the online-based learning will be.

Please read "Brightwoods Goes Online" which can be found here.

Welcome to our online reservation!

Please make sure that you already deposited the Reservation Fee, either through bank deposit or online bank transaction. Proof of payment will be needed while going through Online Reservation.

  1. Type in in your browser.
  2. Sign in using the username and password, sent to your email address by the office.
  3. Click REGISTRATION found on the side bar. For mobile users, you will see this after clicking the three lines beside the Beacon logo.
  4. You will notice in the Registration page the name/s of your currently enrolled child/ren.
    Just click RESERVE MY CHILD beside your child’s name.
    Remember to do this for each of your children.
  5. A POP OUT box will require you to choose which Brightwoods bank you deposited the fee.
  6. As PROOF OF PAYMENT, attach either a picture of the Deposit Slip or a screenshot of the online Transaction Slip.
  7. Our office will review your reservation, then send out a confirmation to your registered email.
    Please make sure we have your active email address.
    Once confirmed, the status will change from Reservation Verification to RESERVED.
  8. For parents who will enroll a new student: Click REGISTER MY CHILD (blue button) on top of Registration page. Complete all fields, then click SUBMIT STUDENT INFORMATION. After which, you will see the name of your newly-registered child. You may then proceed doing reservation.

IMPORTANT: To keep your Beacon Account secured, always sign out after using.