We believe that each human being is a child of God, within whom lies the potential to be a productive citizen and is, therefore, deserving of quality education.

We believe that each child is unique, endowed with gifts and potentialities different from that of every person or being and should, therefore, be recognized for his own abilities. 

We believe that the first years of life are the tender years during which the foundations for a child's total development are built. 

We believe that true learning takes place when learning is fun, the learning environment warm, caring, highly stimulating, child-centered, and the learning experiences dynamic and relevant.

We believe that the role of the teacher as the primary source and facilitator of learning is crucial to the school performance and academic achievement, as well as to all other aspects of the development of the child.

We believe that the school shares the responsibility of developing the total child with the home, and that parents should play an active role in the education of their children.


To be the leading provider of basic education in the region


Brightwoods School is committed to develop in the young individual fundamental abilities and wholesome habits, attitudes, and values that will constitute the sound and solid foundation for his total development and commitment to the highest ideals of a true Christian Filipino.

The school aspires to provide a balanced program of curricular and co-curricular experiences and activities that elicit positive responses from the student that will make for a good, decent, sensitive human being committed to the pursuit of excellence in any of its forms.

Furthermore, it is the intention of the school to provide a learning environment that values safety, productivity, teamwork, friendship, integrity, open communications, and opportunities for the growth and development of the child as well as other persons directly involved in the upbringing of the child.



To foster moral and spiritual growth and formation founded on Christian ideals and to inculcate an understanding of the Catholic Dogma and its application to life situations


To develop the powers of observation, memory, imagination, creativity, thinking and reasoning, commensurate to the maturational needs and abilities of the learner


To develop emotional and psychological soundness through healthy interpersonal relationships and a humanistic approach to teaching and learning


To develop social competence and knowledge, appreciation of our Filipino heritage and foster a desire to take an active part in nation building


To develop physical agility and sportsmanship, and foster the application of health and safety habits to daily life


Excellence. Service. Integrity.