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We are in the business of growing people. Our teachers and staff take pride in being Brightons, living up to the standards of excellence, service, and integrity. 

Find for yourself this patch of green that is Brightwoods and be amazed with our exceptional workplace.

We take great care in our selection and the assignment of our people. We are always on the lookout for gems in the job market. We train our people for the finery that is expected of us.

If you can understand how our purpose in life, or in any journey, is not singular, but rather a multiplicity of sorts, come work with us and thrive.


We are always looking for different ways in which we can collaborate to create something valuable.

In the past, we donated to outreach programs, volunteered at social projects and goods distributions, assisted in disaster relief operations, and more. When we can, we give our time and best effort to work together with the community. We are always more than happy to help when given the opportunity.

What we can help with usually ranges from, but is not limited to, volunteers (can be amongst faculty and staff, and sometimes even with students), the use of certain facilities, talents, and assistance in fund raising or donated goods.

Have something in mind? Please feel free to send us some information about your project or endeavor and let us see how we can work together.

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