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Our Symbols of Excellence

Brightwoods School

School Logo

The seedling in the middle represents the child who is at the center of the educational enterprise.

The trees represent the primary institutions tasked in the upbringing and education of the child: the home and the school.

The sun with its five rays represents the five major areas of development around which the curriculum is designed: physical, social, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual.

The nature theme of the logo symbolizes the divine responsibility of each human being in the circle of life.

School Hymn

Brightwoods Hymn


Beyond the horizon we set sail
Brand new beginnings light our way


Children of Brightwoods
On we go
To serve and to honor
Our God, our land, our home


Oh, with pride and with joy
Our hearts will set aglow
Faith in God above
Build a bridge of love


Moving on, marching on
Serving others as we go
Dedicate our lives
Search for truth so bright


Hail, Brightwoods, Hail
Molded in our minds
We’re building great tomorrows
Hail, Brightwoods, Hail
Planted in our hearts
We owe it all to you
( Repeat Bridge)


Hail, Brightwoods, Hail
Marching on our way
Moving on each day
In our hearts it’s Brightwoods, Hail

Music by Ditas Yap
Lyrics by Ditas Yap and Mike Mesa

Brightwoods School
School Mascot

Here goes Mighty Deer ⁠— our school mascot officially launched during our 25th year celebration.  The deer that represents power and calmness, sensitivity, intuition, gentleness, and grace.

Its antlers are symbolical of the two trees in our logo.

Mighty Deer strongly resonates in our hearts, and with who we want our children to be, and how we dream every Brighton to be.

Our Ideal Graduate

Who else can best represent everything we stand for as a school other than our dear Brightons themselves.

Our intentional approach of using our best knowledge, judgment, and effort is directed towards the formation of our ideal graduates in the areas of mind, body, and spirit. 

Derived from a Latin inscription, “Suaviter in modo, fortiter in re“, our main goal for our students is to help them grow into productive, wise, and loving individuals who are “gentle in manner, strong in deed.”

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