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Our Community

Our Community

Service Learning

Our Service Learning Program (SLP) aims for a strong, steady outreach stemming from a culture of service and love towards the unity of all of creation. 

Service Learning, as a form of experiential education, is connected to the academic content and is organized around clear learning goals; it provides meaningful and relevant service activities which address real community needs as defined by the community; and, it provides students opportunities for critical reflection upon their service experiences (Science Education Resource Center, 2018).

With this initiative, the different stages leading to the level outreach programs, from planning, fund-raising, and preparation up to implementation, and most especially, critical reflection, are integrated in our curriculum, particularly in the students’ Social Studies classes.

Our Service Learning Unit also organizes Weekend Warrior activities, where volunteers from the Brightwoods community can step forward and take the plunge for more socio-civic endeavors. This team also coordinates efforts to help Sitio Mabilog, one of the two beneficiaries, along with Al-Ay Ko Foundation, under Brightwoods’ corporate social responsibility. This sitio in Bamban, Tarlac is a home to 70 families of the Aeta Magantsi tribe, whose foremost problem is the lack of potable water source. A factor causing the systemic poverty in this area is the lack of education and employment opportunities.

As we march on and move forward boldly with all these efforts, we continue to remember that we are each other, we look after each other, and we are each other’s stewards. We exist beyond ourselves. We exist beyond Brightwoods.


Our Community

Home-School Partnership

In enrolling your children in Brightwoods, you have made the school your partner in the education of your children. We take this as an expression of your willingness to work with us in consonance with the school’s philosophy in the pursuit of its mission.

Working together as full partners, we commit ourselves to be faithful in upholding the following duties and responsibilities:

It is the school’s duty to inform the parents and their children of the school’s philosophy, mission, and goals.  It is the parents’ duty to know these.

It is the school’s duty to provide systematic and purposeful instruction.  It is the parents’ duty to provide a home environment conducive to learning.

It is the school’s duty to provide systematic and purposeful evaluation and to communicate the learning progress of students.  It is the parents’ duty to keep track of the progress of their children in school.

It is the school’s duty to inform the parents of meetings, programs, and other activities.  It is the parents’ duty to attend and participate.

It is the school’s duty to provide open channels of communication. It is the parents’ duty to provide feedback (i.e., comments and suggestions) to school authorities.


Our BWS – HSA contributes significantly in the attainment of the mission and vision, curricular and co-curricular programs, and other thrusts of Brightwoods School.

It helps in establishing a smoother and  closer understanding between and among parents, students, teachers, and school administration through appropriate mechanisms such as, but not limited to, meetings, sessions, consultations, dialogues, group dynamics, seminars and the like.

Our Community


We have seen many children grow into young adults and walk through the final doors as they head out into the world.

Let us take a glimpse into what some of our graduates have become, the occupations they have chosen, and the career paths they have trod on.  We have nurses, doctors, consultants, architects, engineers, social entrepreneurs, project managers, chefs, a firefighter, a theater actress, sustainability heads, restaurant and cafe owners, personal trainers, sports coaches and more. Some students have taken their university and postgraduate degrees in Australia, New Zealand, the United States, and the United Kingdom. Many are also working overseas.

We watch our graduates go through the myriad of experiences that encompasses the vastness of Life, and applaud them from afar as they take on the world courageously. With this, we celebrate the diverse paths that our graduates have taken.

And while our students pave their own way forward, we always welcome them back with open arms. Once a Brighton, always a Brighton.

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