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Our Mighty Men and Women

We introduce to you the hands that will mold the minds of your children as they grow in the guidance and care of the school. 

We call them the Mighty Men and Women of Brightwoods School.

Our Total Quality Managers

Our total quality managers have the great responsibility of supervising and overseeing the day-to-day processes and functions of the school across levels and departments. They offer optimistic visions about future possibilities or undertakings and cultivate them until these turn into realities; they also foresee crises and offer solutions accordingly.

From giving a clear direction to ensuring that curriculum standards are met, our school leaders remain committed that excellence, service, and integrity are delivered and maintained in every realm of education.

James Bryan Ronquillo, MAEd

Teacher James
School Principal

Crisalina Dizon, LPT

Teacher Lecy
Early Childhood Education Head

Meliza Lalu, CPA

Ms. Lhize
Accounting and Finance Head

Our Academic Coordinators

The people who make sure that the golden strings of learning experiences are neatly woven and masterfully designed into a wonderful tapestry of school life.

Teacher Love

Preschool and Kindergarten

Teacher Sheryll

Primary School and Special Education

Teacher Tina

Intermediate School

Teacher Mitch

Junior High School


Teacher Weng

Senior High School

Our Faculty


The school has a reputation of having a breed of highly trained individuals who are committed to working hand in hand with you in raising your children. These mighty men and women we fondly call “Teachers” possess qualities that make them a cut above the rest.

We make learning fun and lasting. Designed in the day’s plan is a happy happening that will surely catch children’s interest, trigger thinking skills, and stir up yearning for learning.

We respect our students, no matter what their age is. Children are the most vulnerable people in the community. They have the right to feel safe, valued, and respected regardless of how young they are. We recognize this and we are advocates in creating such a positive environment.

We work with a bright and cheerful disposition.  We believe that students will respond positively and learn more effectively if we show a sense of enjoyment in teaching. 

We dance and sing and play along with our students. We are children-at-play who enjoy every school activity the same way our students do. We feel confident and internalize to be the best performers in town!

We treat each child as our own. We are the parents in the school who attend to every teeny-tiny issue of the child – be it on how to tie shoelaces, write a decent paragraph, or deal with the first heartache.

We are organized living beings. We have a strong discernment to know what should be done first, what is of most worth, and what demands urgency. 

We never stop learning. We acknowledge that to be the best teachers we can be, we have to act like students, too. We need to learn more. We endeavor to learn better ways of teaching, and of life. We are lifelong learners. 

We are life coaches. We sit with our students, mentor them on setting goals, prioritizing and strategizing plans, and we engage them in other creative and thought-provoking processes in order to maximize their true potential.

We believe that teaching is a work of heart. At the end of it all, when things do not work the way they were planned, we know that the best way to deal with everything is to use our hearts.

The PreSchool and Kindergarten Teachers:

A child’s first year in school is a crucial and tender year. This helps shape the way a child will view the school and perform in the succeeding years. The teachers in this phase play a very important role, for theirs is the mind that will lay the foundation of the child’s education and development. Theirs is the first hand that will guide the child in exploring this new learning environment called school. Theirs are the first kind words to encourage and assure the child that everything is okay.

The Primary Grades Teachers:

Teachers are among the first people to teach a child how to read, write, and count – skills needed to survive in the real world. Knowing this, the teachers, with their creativity, talents, and wisdom, come up with exciting learning experiences that will help children gain valuable skills in a fun and lasting way. They are the people who help build a solid foundation, a stronghold for our children’s future.

The Intermediate Grades Teachers:

Our children’s life in school becomes more and more meaningful as they progress. They learn to appreciate themselves more by appreciating others. They become more driven to realize their dreams by inspiring others to do the same. The advisers and subject area teachers in these grades not only sharpen our children’s young minds, but also fill their innocent hearts with love.

The Junior High School Teachers:

Challenging times sometimes cross the path of our students, who are now young adults. In Junior High School, they are faced with many changes and trials that stir up curiosity, doubts, and confusion. The class advisers and subject area teachers become their best friends — friends who are ready to listen, understand, and help them reach their goals.

The Senior High School Teachers:

Facing more complicated and challenging tasks, meeting higher expectations, taking more responsibilities, and discovering new things independently describe the life of our senior high school students. In all these undertakings, the teachers are there to give guidance and support, teaching students the value of patience, self-reliance, independence, and hard work.

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