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Our Guiding Principles

Brightwoods School


We believe that each human being is a child of God, within whom lies the potential to be a productive citizen and is, therefore, deserving of quality education.

We believe that each child is unique, endowed with gifts and potentialities different from that of every person or being and should, therefore, be recognized for his own abilities.

We believe that the first years of life are the tender years during which the foundations for a child's total development are built.

We believe that true learning takes place when learning is fun, the learning environment warm, caring, highly stimulating, child-centered, and the learning experiences dynamic and relevant.

We believe that the role of the teacher as the primary source and facilitator of learning is crucial to the school performance and academic achievement, as well as to all other aspects of the development of the child.

We believe that the school shares the responsibility of developing the total child with the home, and that parents should play an active role in the education of their children.






To be the leading provider of basic education in the region.


Brightwoods School is committed to develop in the young individual fundamental abilities and wholesome habits, attitudes, and values that will constitute the sound and solid foundation for his total development and commitment to the highest ideals of a true Filipino.


We will build Brightwoods for the great multitude of children and their families, of workers and their families, and all those who come its way. 

It will be constructed by the finest to be found– men and women driven by passion and persevering industry, filled with a wanting for making the best of everything, and finding as its own reward, the work itself.

Brightwoods will be… 

a center of excellence, 

a wellspring of goodness, 

a beacon of hope.

A Center of Excellence

Going beyond what is required — has created for us a way of being and doing, and gave rise to this strong, solid ethos that puts our handiwork always a cut above, and a step ahead.

Over the years, our achievements as a school have been the most amazing. We have amassed quite an impressive number of awards and citations, building for ourselves a reputation for excellence and quality education.

More than medals though, our excellence lies in the difference that we make in the life of every child, and person, borne of the most genuine and sincere connection between one and another, and an acknowledgment and understanding of human ambition.

A Wellspring of Goodness

From its inception, Brightwoods had its heart in the right place — beating for the finest of reasons, the best of intentions.

It is in our nature — to be good, and to do good. We thrive in goodness, in good work, and in good works.

We have always maintained to follow your heart, and thankfully, the years have led us to see it all so clearly — the greatest is love, and so we stay focused, amidst the winding roads, on reaching out in service to anyone and everyone, extending ourselves in friendship, solidarity, and love.

A Beacon of Hope

Think of us as your lighthouse. 

To all our students and their families, workers and their families, alumni, and all others.

Our light shines for you, even as you go out into the world with your own light. 

Wherever you are and will be in the world, we will forever be rooting for you.

Such is the Brightwoods connection. Once a Brighton, always a Brighton.

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